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This site is brand spankin new so check back soon and I'll have some of my photos available. In the meantime you can see more of my video work on


Productivity without purpose is just work. I desire to pursue accomplishments that feed creativity and inspire people to get out and live their lives for the benefit of others.


I've been a photographer for over 15 years and when I don't have my camera next to me I sometimes feel like I'm missing a limb.


I started my own web design company in 1997 when I was 15 years old and have since worked with design in one form or another ever since.


One of my passions that's developed from my travels is helping non profits and humanitarian causes harness art and creative marketing to help tell their story better.


Over the past 6 years I have been permanently transient. It's been an incredible blessing to have lived or traveled through 25 countries in my life and I don't ever plan to stop.


Simply put, I'm an artist. I've had many creative outlets over the years, all of which I've done professionally to some extent. I enjoy my spectrum of talent and putting my creativity to work as often as possible.

a little about me

I'm a photographer, producer, filmmaker, designer, musician, writer, and visionary from Kauai, Hawaii. Over the past ten years I've traveled extensively in efforts to immerse myself in the beautiful diversity of cultures around the world and capture stories of people on the "front lines" of humanitarian and missions work. In my travels I've encountered incredible injustice and humanitarian need, as well as amazing stories of bravery and heroic sacrifice, all going largely unnoticed by the majority of our society.

In 2009, compelled to bridge the gap between these problems, I founded Artists Inspiring Action, an organization that develops strategies for nonprofits and humanitarian causes to help them in their needs for marketing, branding, design, film, and music. Through an international network of artists, AIA mobilizes creative minds to serve these initiatives with innovative ideas that help them tell their story better and reach their audiences more effectively. Learn more at


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